My first time making bread! I chose to make a simple Honey Lavender loaf from the Elderscrolls Recipe book! I think I may have left it on a little too long, any tips would be appreciated!

2021.12.03 18:42 CloudierPeak My first time making bread! I chose to make a simple Honey Lavender loaf from the Elderscrolls Recipe book! I think I may have left it on a little too long, any tips would be appreciated!

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2021.12.03 18:42 texasbluemoon Kyle Shanahan on Brandon Aiyuk, says he’s a better player this season: “I don’t even think it’s close. He’s a much better player this year. Better in the run game, better in the pass game... plenty of times stats will fool ya, especially when stats depend on other people.”

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2021.12.03 18:42 catsNpokemon What's the best vehicle for races / time attacks?

I know there may not be one single answer to this as it can vary from map to map, but in your experience what vehicle gets the fastest times the most often?
I'm asking because I want to be certain on what vehicle to max out next. I currently have maxed out the following:

Rally Car was maxed first since it's the best vehicle in the game due to its consistency across all game modes, still serving me well to this day being my most used vehicle by far. Dune Buggy was next as it was really cheap to do so and I learnt it was a great vehicle for adventure mode and certain events. Its otherworldly grip is a stark contrast to the Rally Car's weaker one, so I thought it would be good to have a range of options. Moonlander was maxed out because of the recent Moon Jump event. I was bored and had enough money saved up so I just maxed it out. It's a really fun vehicle to drive. Hill Climber MK2 was a mistake - I did it before Moonlander during the event because it was my only vehicle that I had the thruster attachment for at the time. I kept getting low scores and figured the thrusters could go a long way in helping me - they did not. I then saw that the Moonlander had thrusters as part of its four upgrades rather than as an attachment, so I maxed it out and started scoring 8+ every time.
Anyway, I figured what's missing from my options now is a fast vehicle. I've found that recently, I've not been winning races as frequently as I used to. Rally Car isn't winning as comfortably as it used to, and often I'm having to rely on Coin Boost, Fuel Boost, Thrusters and Landing Boost to edge it.
So out of the Formula, Superbike and Supercar, which one of them tends to be the best for completing races / certain events as fast as possible?
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2021.12.03 18:42 Throwaway205622 Advice for a possible egg?

Hey y’all, I’ve been feeling pretty weird recently since I’m honestly not sure if I’m actually trans. I’ve recently figured out that I’m a sucker for some more feminine stuff like skirts n all that jazz, and I’ve been wondering if I’m a trans gal or just a dude who like dressing femme. I’ve also been looking at some manga and got a few hard hits of envy from some female characters. Again, not sure if I want to be with them or want to be them.
If anyone who’s been through something like this or has any advice, I’d be super super happy if y’all let me know since I’m at a bit of a loss here. Thanks and g’night!
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2021.12.03 18:42 xdshapeshifter05 If Toby was an actual teen

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2021.12.03 18:42 velvetjungle_1991 Security circle

The only person I have is the person who invite me and they haven't been active for months. How can I be apart of an active security circle,?
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2021.12.03 18:42 RockNRaven Incorrect Duskwood Quotes #3 ;)

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2021.12.03 18:42 TruckerDude9218 SD38-2, Working for Bakken Transload in Ross, North Dakota.

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2021.12.03 18:42 D3v0tion_ Samsung galaxy watch 4

Hello, i just bought the SGW4 and i was curious if i could see and respond on snapchat messages. I haven't been able to find anything related to that
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2021.12.03 18:42 MrSaxobeat2000 ANTM: ReModeled - Cycle 2, Episode 3 - Judging & Elimination

Hello ladies, this is the last week before we get to the single digits! Now unfortunately, Janice forgot to take her meds again and was deemed to dangerous to be around, so for this week it's just me, Nigel and Erin. Alright, onto judging!
Last week we focused on the face, now let's focus on the body! Send in a photo that showcases a gorgeous outfit without it being too catalogue. It must be at least waist up and shows off a shirt/pants or a dress.

  1. Tyra - Honestly, you just keep getting weaker and weaker, I'm not a fan of this. The pose itself is fine, but the way your tensing your face and whole upper body makes it look so stiff and uncomfortable. The sad thing is you probably have one of the most expensive-looking outfits, so to make this look cheap, it's just disappointing. 5/10
  2. Janice - N/A
  3. Nigel - The outfit and hair read a little too Wilma Flintstone, but you look beautiful as always and have struck the right pose for the garment. 7/10
  4. Eric - Very Joann's Fabrics clearance section in the styling, but that isn't your fault as the model. Instead, your job is to sell every inch of that outfit. I'm not sure I'm buying with that pose, and I wish your face was more relaxed. However, you are modeling from head to toe and those shoes and earrings could be sold in a second. 6/10
  1. Tyra - Of all the shots you have, this is the one you pick? There's nothing interesting about it, you face is a combination of blank and unsure, you're not showing off the dress well, arms and legs are stiff, and I hate that hand. You positioned the fingers towards the camera so it looks like a broken fist. I'm sure you'll be safe this week considering you are a fan favorite, let's just hope this is a fluke. 4/10
  2. Janice - N/A
  3. Nigel - This shot is gorgeous, but there’s something too vulnerable and almost sad about your expression. That said, you’ve sold the garment, and this is still a solid shot. 7/10
  4. Eric - Modern Marilyn lost in the city meets ballerina leaving her rehearsal early. I love this breezy dress and the pout, but the pout holds something sort of disgusted in the top lip? I wish you had finished selling the fantasy, but you definitely sell the garment gorgeously. 8/10
  1. Tyra - Bethany - Uhhhh, holy shit? Never in a hundred trillion years would I say Bethany has the best photo of the week! The photoshop is immaculate, skin tones match perfectly, no blurry lines, perfection. Your face reads as sensual and natural, and it actually improved a universally despised antm photo! You might already be one of the biggest dark horses in ANTMr history! 9/10
  2. Janice - N/A
  3. Nigel - You are growing more youthful every week you’re here! There’s something slightly off with your proportions here - your head looks huge, and your feet need some angles to them. But you continue to surprise me in this competition. 8/10
  4. Eric - When I'm done laughing, this shot works! Your face, the hand placement, and that gorgeous dress! I see you before I see your busy surroundings. There's something funky about the left leg that I wish could be more pointed or at a different angle, but I also understand you were posing on rocks! 7/10
  1. Tyra - I really love the regal take you went for here, but there are some flaws. The pose is a little clunky with the hands being at not so flattering shapes, and it kinda looks like your about to slip right off that chair. But the biggest problem, again, the eyes. They have some sleepiness in them, even more than last week. Sad to say it's your weakest to date. 5.5/10
  2. Janice - N/A
  3. Nigel - Camille has finally arrived! You are giving the camera so much to work with: angles. Face. Intensity. This is stunning, and I am so glad you survived long enough to prove me wrong. 10/10
  4. Eric - This is FANTASTIC! Honestly, I have no negatives, and I only have glowing positives. The setting, the colors, your hair, you are BEAUTIFUL! The foot kind of comes out of nowhere, but how else would I know I needed those shoes? 10/10
  1. Tyra - Well, I finally see what the others are seeing, I love this! You look elegant, the pose is dynamic, the chin up angle works as this snooty bitch who owns 51% of the company, and you sure as hell are selling everything. You're the opposite of almost everyone else here, best to date! 9/10
  2. Janice - N/A
  3. Nigel - This has all the makings of a strong fashion image, but I want to make so many little tweaks: eyes slightly more open, chin cheated down, more bend to the torso to give the coat more shape. It’s a good shot. 6/10
  4. Eric - This would have been a 9 for me if your chin was tipped down a little more. This is an outfit I think the hands on the hips works because you look like an expensive uptown girl taking a breather after running through the city. 8/10
  1. Tyra - Fucking finally! The only issue I have here is something you said yourself - your showing off just the shoes and not the entire outfit, but that said, you yourself still look amazing! The squatting pose is unique, yet it works cause the hands look very natural, and the eyes looking away adds some mystery that the viewer would be intrigued in! Your finally making an improvement, keep it up! 8.5/10
  2. Janice - N/A
  3. Nigel - It’s nice to see you in colour! You look gorgeous here, but compared to the dynamic photos of the other models, it just doesn’t measure up this week. 5/10
  4. Eric - After the other photos I've seen, I'll have to say I'm not blown away. Your face is divine, and I would buy the boots. However, I don't see enough of the dress to know if it's something I would want to buy! 4/10
  1. Tyra - Mmmmm, not really feeling this one. It's not as bad as the others, there's just something off about it. I think its that the face doesn't go with the body. Your expression and clothes read as anger, yet the pose is a little too melancholy. It's not a hands on hip pose, but you need more than just a leg up. Have both your arms in the air, maybe put a leg on the wall next to you, just something with a little more fire. That said, I'd still buy the outfit, its usable. 6.5/10
  2. Janice - N/A
  3. Nigel - This shot isn’t bad by any means, but the lighting is letting you down: you needed to find the light with the garment so the camera can find the lines of the outfit, and with such dark makeup, you’ve lost the light in your face. The open mouthed expression doesn’t work, and this just doesn’t do your beauty justice. 6/10
  4. Eric - Hm. The expression was a choice. The way you're holding the garment isn't the most flattering shape wise because now I don't know what the garment looks like. You're a beautiful model, and I'm left wondering what happened this week! The dynamics of the shot and shoe posing save you. 5/10
  1. Tyra - Well, this is… unique. The photoshop isn't as smooth as Bethany's, the lighting on the body doesn't match the face, especially on the left side. I also don't think this face goes with this body, you look uncomfortable like there's an itch under the dress that you just can't get rid of. I appreciate the effort, but it just could've been better. 5.5/10
  2. Janice - N/A
  3. Nigel - This photo is absolutely fascinating, and is the perfect showcase for your modeling style! The styling feels vintage and edgy at the same time, and I love the quirky feel of the almost dinosaur-toed garment. This is fresh and unexpected! 10/10
  4. Eric - If your face was a little more connected, this would be a ten for me. The pose is just so gorgeous, and you are selling me that outfit! You look cool and chic, and it feels very on brand for you. 9/10
  1. Tyra - Now this is ballsy. This definitely would get an audiences attention, after the FCC censors it of course, lmao. I like the androgyny, the pose is nice, I'd buy the overalls, I just wish the lighting hit your face better, if you tilted your head to the left and showed that gorgeous 3/4 angle you have, that would make it a knock-out. 7.5/10
  2. Janice - N/A
  3. Nigel - Hot mama! You married masculine and feminine so wonderfully here, and despite the dark set, you’ve found a way to light your face and the garments perfectly. 8/10
  4. Eric - This is stunning! This is the type of modeling I love and I look for. You're cool and edgy, and you sell those suspenders. I wish I could look as cool as you, and I wish I could pull off the pinstripe pant as well as you do. 10/10
  1. Tyra - And we end on a pretty strong note. It’s a little simple hands on hips pose, but its not a boring photo because of the pony-tail giving it some flavor and energy! The big problem I see though is for how youthful and symmetrically perfect your face is, the arms read as a little mature, so be cautious when using a more recent photo. 7.5/10
  2. Janice - N/A
  3. Nigel - As always, your bone structure is divine, but I wish there was a little more life to your expression. It’s a little too dazed, which is at odds with the strong pose. The garment looks fabulous on you! 7/10
  4. Eric - Chic elegance married to a banging outfit. I love the movement of your hair, and the attitude in your expression. The expression is a little quirky, and it seems a little awkward sometimes when I open the photo but other times when I look at it, I'm enamored. Good job this week. 8/10
Alright, its now time to add up your judges score, and your social media score, and we will find out who. is going. home.
(shows shots of random city they're obviously not in, fades to girls in judging.)
I have 10 girls standing before me, but unfortunately, I only have 9 photos in my hands, and these photos represent the 9 girls who will continue on with their second chance at being a Top Model. Before we start the call-out, let's reveal which girl the public voted as CoverGirl of the Week! With 11 votes, the winner of 2 extra points is..... Catie! This time you shine in an episode three, congratulations!
So now - Best photo goes to.....
Xiomara! - 7.5 + 8 + 10 + 7.56 = 33.06
Girl, you turned it OUT! This picture proved you can be more than just a mid-boot, keep this momentum up! Congratulations!
Runner-Up for best photo....
Catie! - 9 + 6 + 8 + 7.83 + 2 = 32.83
Next names...
Camille - 5.5 + 10 + 10 + 6.76 = 32.26
Yoanna - 7.5 + 7 + 8 + 7.20 = 29.70
Shandi - 5.5 + 10 + 9 + 5.20 = 29.70 - You have the same score as Yoanna did, but she's higher because she has a better social media score.
Bethany - 9 + 8 + 7 + 4.26 = 28.26
April - 4 + 7 + 8 + 6.66 = 25.66
Next name.....
Jenascia - 8.5 + 5 + 4 + 6.43 = 23.93 - Frankly, I don't know what the other judges are smoking, you drastically improved this time, and I know you're only gonna grow higher from here, congratulations!
Will Anna and Mercedes please step forward? I only have one photo in my hands, and this photo represents the woman who is still in the running towards becoming ANTM: ReModeled.
We'll start with Anna, the early boot everyone is betting on having the biggest rise in rankings. You started off so strong in that first week and already redeemed yourself, then your next photo was average, and this week you did less than average. It makes us wonder, is she gonna come back from this, or will next week be even weaker? And then we have Mercedes, someone who 90% of the audience is betting on making the finals. You're problem this week was simple - ambivalence. You photo had a few strong reactions, positive and negative, but the judges and majority of the public didn't really care about your photo. This could be a sign that you might be coasting after this week, never in the bottom, but never in the top either. No matter what, there will be some shock in a few seconds. So who stays?
Anna! - 5 + 7 + 6 + 5.83 = 23.83
Mercedes - 6.5 + 6 + 5 + 5.76 = 23.26
You read that right, Anna, you only barely survived by less than a point. This was a hard as hell elimination, so you better bring it next time. Congratz!
Well uh, Mercedes, I know you weren't expecting this. This is just a devastating case of anything happening on a show like this. Still, it was nice to see you again, and maybe this shock boot could actually be your key to an all-star season? Hmm. Thank you for playing!
Call-Out Chart
Now, only nine girls remain, who will be eliminated next? See you tomorrow!
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2021.12.03 18:42 eastern_eu_baby Just here to wish you a wonderful weekend! F30

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2021.12.03 18:42 fargito1017 Chichona

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2021.12.03 18:42 facewithhairdude #AtHome streams Radiohead, Live at I-Days Festival (Monza, Italy), 2017 - starts in 50 minutes!

Welcome everyone to another Friday live stream of a Radiohead gig! Are you feeling the hype of the Smile's rehearsals? Still reeling from the Kid Amnesiae release? Or have you sworn off Radiohead and listening exclusively to Christmas music for the next month?
At any rate, we've got a great show to enjoy tonight, right in the middle of the 2017 AMSP tour. Not much else to say except it's a solid setlist with a couple of treats here and there.
We have a chatroom here where we can watch the gig and chat about it together. We'll be starting in about 50 minutes, at around 10.30pm UK and will have some nice Four Tet playing until then. Hope you can drop in at some point in the evening!
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2021.12.03 18:42 bot_neen ¿Cuando viene Pedro Infante? - LA VIDA VA con Guillermo Ochoa

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2021.12.03 18:42 svanapps In the Coming ‘Metaverse’, There May Be Excitement but There Certainly Will Be Legal Issues

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2021.12.03 18:42 ejk1414 Profile picture on the right and tagged photo on the left (discorea elephantipes)

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2021.12.03 18:42 Responsible_Reach533 Long Shot BUT

I know this is a long shot but does anyone know how to get any of the Funky Legacy Collection Fantastic Mr. Fox pieces? Rat and Kyle are pretty easy to find on eBay but, to no surprise, everything else is completely sold out. Trying to be the best gift giver
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2021.12.03 18:42 ZW31H4ND3R How would you rate the KEF Q series lineup - especially the Q250 vs Q650 and Q150 vs Q350? Home theater setup for mostly movies. Also, is this room size ideal - 12x27? Big rectangle mmm not sure what to do with it for a basement setup. Can add pictures if requested. 5.1

See title
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2021.12.03 18:42 FearcGaming Don’t expect it by 12/8 but in the next few weeks: SWAT & Fiesta playlist confirmed to be main stay

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2021.12.03 18:42 schlupfknoten4 Was schenkt ihr so zu Weihnachten?

Frage für einen Freund
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2021.12.03 18:42 SpiceyMeatball00 Who is right?

So me and a friend has this math problem and have some disagreements.
The problem:
Regression Analysis
The regression equation is Velocity = 60,2 - 0,0653 Flow
Predictor Coef StDev T P
Constant 60,220 1,260 47,81 0,000
Flow -0,065288 0,007175 -9,10 0,000
S = 3,043 R-Sq = 79,0%
a) Which is the dependant variable?
Velocity (We both agree on this one)
b) How big of the change in average speed can be explained by the change in the flow?
(79% is my guess). His guess is 3,043
c) What would the change be to the average speed if the amount of cars increased by one?
0.065288 km/h is my guess (cuz -0,065288 * 1). His guess is 0.065788 km/h
Who is correct?
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2021.12.03 18:42 RomanHouseKeys Typhlosion on me 5399 3748 0594

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2021.12.03 18:42 Impressive-Class8236 Week 13

Here’s the deal. I’m pretty well out of playoff contention but I’m still hoping to play spoiler this week. I have: Diontae Johnson Jaylen Waddle Chris Godwin Brandin Aiyuk I need to fill two wr’s spots, and I can’t flex any of them because I have Elijah Mitchell in that spot. Any advice?
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2021.12.03 18:42 8bitEclipse Blursed_end

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2021.12.03 18:42 Blacksm1thh Wanted to make a helicopter legoformer

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