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July Talk Tomorrow Night (Dec 4)

2021.12.03 18:52 16BitSuperstar July Talk Tomorrow Night (Dec 4)

I have two tickets (V24/25) for tomorrow night's concert at Centre in the Square. I am unable to attend so I'm just trying to recoup the cost of the tickets. (52.75/each)
PM me if interested, payment by interac e-transfer.
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2021.12.03 18:52 19fakenews91 Changing my reactions

Does anyone have advice on how to not come unglued when your partner has an ask that you think is ridiculous? For context, I (F) and my spouse (M) are in our early 30s and it’s just us. He will ask me to not do certain things that seem to be just ridiculous. This morning, he asked me to not close the door in a specific way and proceeded to show me the way it needed to be done. It also goes beyond silly things like this and down to my breathing. If I take deep breaths (or at night, snore) he’s looking at me with disgust or shaking me awake until I change my breathing. My reaction is always astonishment and I default to, “it’s not my problem you don’t like the way I do things” this has been an issue for the chores too- he just does them because I don’t do it good enough. Then complains that I don’t do enough around the house. Yes we’ve talked about this, yes it gets resolved but a couple weeks later- happens again. Thinking it’s my reaction that can change here- anyone have a similar scenario and has successfully worked through it? Tia and throwaway
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2021.12.03 18:52 Achmediel What keeps you motivated ?

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2021.12.03 18:52 IgniteTheOppressors Hypothetically, how would someone know if they were gay, or had romantic feelings for a guy?

Asking for a friend. SWIM. You know them. Just not me.
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2021.12.03 18:52 Still_Atmosphere What is something that seemed hot to you in theory but turned out not to be in reality?

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2021.12.03 18:52 Beansricetaco Physical conflict with two adult teachers and a minor

I was in the process of being suspended for having a vape in my hand in the bathroom when they told me they were going to search my bag, they found a small locked pencil case type container in my bag and asked me what was inside and told me to open it I told them It was my pencil case and I don’t have to tell them what’s in it and that I don’t know the code to open it, they told me that they were going to confiscate it so I grabbed it with one hand and then both the grade 12 administrator and the principal grabbed onto the bag on either side of my hand and were trying to pull it away from me so I started yelling at them and saying let go of my personal property I am trying to leave the school now I eventually was able to get my other hand on it and get it from them and ran out of the school
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2021.12.03 18:52 AttemptWest7477 ​EverRise Protocol UpgradeMAYC Giveaway In celebration of EverRise upgrading protocols on Nov 29th, 2021, & launching of the v2.0 contract on Binance Smart Chain, Ethereum, & Polygon we're giving away a Mutant Ape Bored Yacht Club NFT! 🚀 One lucky winner will be drawn on Dec 13th link in comment

​EverRise Protocol UpgradeMAYC Giveaway In celebration of EverRise upgrading protocols on Nov 29th, 2021, & launching of the v2.0 contract on Binance Smart Chain, Ethereum, & Polygon we're giving away a Mutant Ape Bored Yacht Club NFT! 🚀 One lucky winner will be drawn on Dec 13th link in comment submitted by AttemptWest7477 to opensea [link] [comments]

2021.12.03 18:52 Superb_Ad_3 Is betonline legit? And are the Payouts fast?

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2021.12.03 18:52 ratatouille_sf America needs a penal colony for violent criminals

Every violent assault or murder by a repeat offender is a preventable tragedy.
This week, Columbia student Davide Giri was fatally stabbed by a criminal with 11 prior arrests, one of which included “joining three other people in pummeling a man and repeatedly slashing him in the face on Linden Boulevard in Jamaica, Queens.”
It is the duty of the criminal justice system to protect law-abiding, non-violent people from these criminals, and this is repeatedly not the case.
If someone made a decision to commit a violent crime, then they deserve to spend their life in a penal colony, living with others who made the same unfortunate decisions that they made.
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2021.12.03 18:52 r0ttingdreams 2001 Jeep Grand Cherokee not starting

hello askmechanics, today in the morning as i was heading to work my jeep died on the road. It just completely went out on me, the pedals and steering wheel locked up too. I got the jeep towed back to my house and after work i went back in and tried to turn it on, it didn’t at first, but when i shifted into neutral it turned right on. I shifted into parking and i tried to crank but it did nothing, it seems for whatever reason it only wants to turn on when in neutral. This has me stumped i dont know much about cars just some stuff here and there.
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2021.12.03 18:52 LongjumpingTerd ConLaw Attack/Flowchart?

I’ve studied thoroughly for my ConLaw essay exam coming up. It’s open-outline/book, to be done at home. Yet, I’m still worried, and having trouble applying the vast amount of principals to an essay prompt.
For example, seeing words like “commerce”, “fundamental rights”, and “due process” all in the same prompt worry me. The way the sections of the class all intermingle confuses the heck out of me, and all I’ve really been doing to prepare is literally reading cases….and I feel like I’m aimlessly studying and will bomb an exam.
I’m a pretty visual learner, does anyone have an itemized master attack outline or flowchart to offer?
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2021.12.03 18:52 WillingWar4242 How much should I wait before sending a followup?

So I finally got a reply to my Msc supervision request from a professor saying he would be interested in having a zoom chat where i could present my research and he, his.. I replied asking what time suits him? didn’t got a reply yet !!
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2021.12.03 18:52 happyflowermom BAD back pain, did anything help?

So I’m only 24 weeks tomorrow and all week this week I’ve had excruciating back pain. To the point I’m literally in tears at work. Tylenol doesn’t help. Laying down with a heating pad helps but I can’t do that until I get home.
I have very mild scoliosis, and I’m getting this localized middle back pain in one spot on my spine. I’m thinking maybe this is where my spinal curve is but I’m not sure. It’s never hurt like this before, I’ve had mild back aches and pains throughout my life but nothing like this so I assume being pregnant is just wrecking me. I wake up feeling okay but it gets worse and worse throughout the day.
I just ordered a pregnancy pillow off Amazon. But other than that I don’t know what else to do. Did anyone try anything that worked for back pain? I’m not even that big yet and I’m worried about it getting worse as baby grows.
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2021.12.03 18:52 butterenergy The New Order

In the fallout of WW4 and nearing the dawn of the 22nd century, the great powers of the world convened together to establish a new world order. As flawed as the United Nations was, as it failed to prevent WW3, the advent of WW4, the greatest conflict in human history only occured in the absence of a worldwide peacekeeping body. This new congress was determined to learn from the many mistakes of history, and to ensure a lasting peace that will remain for at least a few decades. They were not confident that it would create eternal peace, as the 21st century showed that even the longest periods of peace must eventually fall.
With the African Federation being the largest and most intact power emerging from the ashes of the 4th World War, it was determined that they would in essence lead the new order, and thus led to the creation of the World Congress. The Founding Council consisted entirely of democratic, capitalist powers, to give the organization ideological direction as opposed to the United Nations, which frequently fell into ideological and geopolitical infighting. They made sure that the voices of the democratic nations would overrule despotic powers, and that members can be sanctioned and have their voting power taken away for not fulfilling a list of democratic objectives. The Founding Council consisted of the African Federation, ASEAN, a somewhat disinterested United States, the Anatolian Caliphate, and finally, to break the tie, FATES.
The Congressional Charter laid out the founding principles of the Worldwide Congress, the promotion of freedom and democracy all around the world, the advancement of human rights, and an improvement in standards of living. This immediately got a lot of pushback, as members of the very Founding Council were against the Charter in spirit. How could they include the Fatalist regime when it is a sham of a democracy? Why have the United States, when they were one of the last nations on Earth to not recognise gay marriage? How could one promote a liberal state when the Anatolian Caliphate was still a constitutional theocracy on paper? Ultimately, idealism had to give way for pragmatism, none of them were ideal powers.
Most controversial was the inclusion of FATES, but ultimately it came down to the fact that they needed someone to break a tie if needed. Spinning up the engines of a new world order, many members added in last minute changes to the Charter. The United States completely opted out of peacekeeping missions, and insisted on having more expansive religious freedoms in the charter. FATES insisted on having transhumanist augmentations be recognised as a human right, which was fanatically opposed by the United States, whose population still didn't think too fondly of transhumanists. ASEAN attempted to soften Congress' hardline stance on democracy, knowing many monarchies and non-democratic governments made up its alliance.
In theory, decisions were made by all nations combined, in practice, it became a conduit which the African Federation exercised its soft power. With national votes being weighed by population, the Federation as a conglomorate had nearly 40% of the votes, and no other faction nearly unified enough to oppose it. Rounding out the Federation's 4 billion with the United States' 450 million and another reliable billion from either the Islamic states or ASEAN, they usually had little trouble passing worldwide resolutions and bills.
The greatest show of power was the Worldwide Congressional Army, which dwarved the militaries of every nation bar none. Under the authority of Congress, it also de-facto served as the African Federation's expeditionary force. With 75% of its soldiers coming from the Federation, with a smattering of Turkish and Indonesian armies, a few disinterested American divisions, and then a mixture of nearly every nation around the world. The Congress Army, as it became known utterly dominated the world militarily, with the Federation allocating an enormous amount of its budget to military expenditure to keep the world safe.
To give an idea of the scale of the Worldwide Congressional Army, it eclipsed any and every military force that had ever come before it, even eclipsing the Eurasian invasion force which slammed into North America in 2056. Few nations had the resources, let alone the opportunity to even resist such a force. Controlled by worldwide democratic consensus, the Congressional Army has mostly been busy focusing on the worldwide pirating problem, who had blocked off trade lanes and prevented the world from accessing global markets. The most prosperous time in history up until now had been possible due to globalization and world trade, and Congress was going to reopen the trade lanes once again.
The Long Night of the 21st century is now over. Through Ages of Dusk, Dark, Night, and Dawn, the sun now shines brightly on a new day.
May it last forever.
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2021.12.03 18:52 Thats_Just_Glue (F4Group) The Squadron of Superheroes!

Planet Earth. A brilliant blue marble floating in the endless expanse of space, a vibrant, life-filled planet where billions reside. Civilizations rise and fall, love is fostered and lost, lives are lived and ended, heroes are forged and forgotten. While most believe that we are in a time of peace at the moment, there are those who seek to disrupt the balance of life and peace. Be it the shadowy assassin's of the Phantom Society, the unknowable abomination's of the Chaos Realm or the common thief, the safety of the general population has grown more and more unstable. However, all is not without hope.
*The Squadron of Superheroes, the SoS, is a collective of virtuous, heroic paragons of power and might, ones who serve to defend the earth, their neighborhood, or even just those lived ones from this perilous evil. The team is new however, many of the heroes have never interacted before, it's like the start of a new school year and a group of students where thrown into a group project. How will these heroes interact? Will they grow close as brothers and sisters, forming an unbreakable friendship? Will they only interact for work, maintaining a professional friendship? Will they fall in love, their romance strengthening their teamwork in the face of unimaginable evil? Let's find out!"
Hello! Today I'm putting together a group roleplay for a team of superheroes, where you can play a powerful metahuman, alien or an incredibly skilled human, fighting against the forces of darkness! We have an in depth system for creating your character but don't worry! It's not complex and it's still easily accessable. Below are some rules for the server!
1: Due to the preferences of the members already chosen for the server, please refrain from playing a male character. Femboys, females and futanari are completely allowed. Sorry for the inconvenience.
2: NSFW is 100% allowed, although you can chose to opt out of it if you wish.
3: Drawn/Anime style reference pictures are preferred and encouraged. Irl ref pics are allowed as well if you prefer though
4: 18+ only members
5: Max of two characters. One hero and one villain (an anti hero can take the place of either)
6: in general, don't be a dick. You know what that means, don't be a dick.
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2021.12.03 18:52 shrewdfrog Stuck at spawn/load out screen.

Im experiencing a bug were I’m stuck at the map overview I can’t select a point to deploy or spawn because none of them show up. It never happens in the middle of a match only at the very beginning, it’s just blank. Wondering if anyone else is experiencing the same issue?
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2021.12.03 18:52 Business-Apartment96 Guys, buy Nvidia now after the ARM deal is all but cancelled. Saving Nvidia 80 billions in cash/stocks.

Nvidia don’t need to own ARM to make sht. They paid the licensing for that sht. They made the acquisition for around 40 billion before Nvidia became a 800 billion+ company. If the deal goes through, they have to pay JAP BANK 80 billion worth of cash/stocks for this shtty company that barely makes a billion even though it has 90% market share in the world. How the fuk nvidia supposed to make their money back from this shtty deal? We have Fuking META to send us to the 🌚. FUK YOU ARM. NVIDIA IS A SOFTWARE COMPANY NOW. Nvidia paid a 1.5 billion fine to Jap Bank to save 40 billions in company values is Fuking worth it if this deal don’t go through.
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2021.12.03 18:52 cardibcl0set help me my mom is going to kill me

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2021.12.03 18:52 newPhntm 1.18 bedrock, thousands of sand blocks falling how do I stop this

I have a world where I did lots of /fill with sand and now because of 1.18 its all falling and making my game crash constantly how do I get rid/ stop the sand from making my game lag
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2021.12.03 18:52 JasHanz Terrible hypocrisy and Misandry at AITA

So there's a post over there right now where a guy is talking about how his gf might be obsessed with a new game. During the story, the man asks her to come prepare breakfast with him like they normally do. This leads to her shrieking at him, throwing her keys at him and him in tears.
He, and now of course I for defending him, are getting torn a new one. I'm even getting downvotes for saying that getting physical (ie throwing keys) is NEVER ok.
Apparently it's different when it's happening to a Man. Honestly, I'm just in such shock at the cognitive dissonance and rage filled Misandry.
They don't want equality.
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2021.12.03 18:52 AcanthisittaBusy457 Boadicea

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2021.12.03 18:52 smartybrome Music Production – How To Make A Melodic Techno Track

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2021.12.03 18:52 rctid2000 Do we have to wear masks tomorrow at PP?

I will if I have to but I’m wondering with the news that outdoor mandate has been lifted.
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2021.12.03 18:52 seans61602 2005 Suzuki Dl1000 "V Strom" cranks with no start

Last night I was taking my V Strom for a ride with a passenger, <1mi around the block trip and 50ft from the driveway the bike died while moving and had to be pushed. Never had issues prior, and have used as a daily driver and only vehicle.
The bike will crank but no start with battery as an issue checked off the list. When turning key and switching the kill there is not the usual few seconds "whirr" that I assume to be the fuel pump priming. Did my fuel pump die? Is there another issue?
I appreciate your take/ideas to test.
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2021.12.03 18:52 Mewritingsomtimes Thoughts on day 10…

Well, what can I say…. Since there are two weeks until day 11 comes out, I thought there is enough time for doodling and speculation so I thought there would be no need to wait 🤣…
-First of all, I thought there is only going to be one coupling… okay that thought was obviously correct! But I wonder : Is there any other option beneath day 11? Like probably winning and finding love are not necessarily going together. Just a thought if someone „wow’s“ Mc last minute.
-Well, another thing is that I have been trying for Mara, there were hints that she has a route, but when my Mc had the chance to tell her she is the one that she wants, the response was „ Sorry, I told you last time some things should stay as they are.You are my dearest friend“ Also the hug she gave was friendly ending with a warm smile. I guess she is not an option at all, or later… but if there is only one coupling.But : She stayed and she was not an option to go and I don’t see her with one of the guys necessarily…So I wonder did any of you have another outcome with her? ( Just curious at this point!)But maybe she is not an LI after all

Oh and I Sam looking forward to the coupling…and the things that follow. I am sure there will be surprises
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