3 Caustics Last Circle.....

Caustics is Here! finally we have Caustics in cycles and in this quick tip video I will show you how you can enable and use it. This feature is still in alpha phase, and there might be changes in the performance and interface as it progresses. More tutorials are coming to this channel, subscribe to see more :) The Art and Business of Making Games. Exploring Sci-Fi Games: A world-building Q&A with Tacoma's Karla Zimonja Karla Zimonja helped build the stunning sci-fi worlds of Fullbright's Tacoma and 2K's BioShock 2 and Minerva's Den.We get down to the brass tacks of sci-fi world-building in this extensive Q&A. Caustics are formed in the regions where sufficient photons strike a surface causing it to be brighter than the average area in the scene. “Backward ray tracing” works in the reverse manner beginning at the surface and determining if there is a direct path to the light source. Some examples of 3D ray-traced caustics can be found here. ? caustics 1293? closed mouth 439538? collarbone 475597? covered navel 62955? cowboy shot 280817? glaring 3674? hair ornament 853802? hairclip 201184? horns 251666? long hair 2944125? looking at viewer 1942110? low wings 6132? multiple horns 1050? purple eyes 527438? school swimsuit 48278? side ponytail 136785? solo 3273575? split mouth 1458 ... ? caustics 1287? choker 213336? colored inner hair 8409? cowboy shot 280064? crop top 66727? cropped legs 18338? eyebrows visible through hair 857760? flower 362722? hair between eyes 526551? hand up 130381? holding 535806? light blush 14476? long hair 2938588? looking at viewer 1936962? multicolored hair 247173? nail polish 180626? neck ribbon ... It can be used when requiring chemical resistance to caustics including hypo chlorine, mineral acids, and aqueous salt solutions. Plumbing Products View All E-Z Weld makes a broad range of high-strength PVC, CPVC, and ABS solvent cements, primers, cleaners, and thread sealants ideally formulated for a variety of pipe joining applications call ... Caustics have finally arrived in blender and this is pretty interesting, lets take a look at how it works, bugs, and also what to expect.Get Blender 3.1 Caus... glass eevee glass2.0 Dispersion cgvertex cg vertex caustics CAUSTIC. Comments: Criptonite. Fantastic, thank you :-) Written August 21, 2020 JonLat. Very COOL, Thank you .. Written August 25, 2020 vijesh. Awesome Shader Bro... Thank You Very much... Written August 25, 2020 ...

2022.01.29 08:08 MugensxBankai 3 Caustics Last Circle.....

This was a certified shit show. Haven't played rank in a season and the last time I played I didn't see many Caustic teams. But dam it's like every one has a Caustic on their team. I'm solo since my jump master decided to hot drop but didn't have the skills to make it out alive. Knock two thirst one and bounce when both my teammates go down. Tried to grab a banner but the team was banner camping so i go for placement. Every little corner there's a dam gas trap. Make it to last 5 and wait it out. Circle moves to a open area with no cover and the gas bombardment begins. It's like WW1 with the amount of gas. Everyone who isn't a Caustic is choking to death me included. In my head opera music starts playing all i can barely see is bullets, legends moving like their shoes are filled with cement, knock down shields flaring, and Caustics running free. I could have swore I heard a cough followed by "but my vision is clear" but I may have been hallucinating due to the gas. It wasnt a glorious death I'll tell you that I tried my best to kill someone but I failed and died all alone on the world's edge. F's in chat for ya boi.
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2022.01.29 08:08 joaquinthephenix R O B B E R Y ------ Minolta x700 - 50mm - kodak gold

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2022.01.29 08:08 RomanYoutubeGaming Does ASUS Vivobook Pro 15 OLED intel core i5-11300H And GTX 1650 Have Touch ID On The Power Button?

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2022.01.29 08:08 1Wampel Reagenzglas wird zur Blumenvase 💐

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2022.01.29 08:08 SigmaMale319 Am I Shadowbanned?

Am I?
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2022.01.29 08:08 Alisasani It's 3am, I can't sleep, so here you go.

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2022.01.29 08:08 iJoker20 Recommended settings: Cyberpunk 2077

So in the Steam Lunar sale I picked up Cyberpunk 2077, I'm just wondering if anyone has any advice on settings and mods to make the game 60fps more or less all the time, I tried capping to 30fps but to me it's a big no no.
My PC specs are:
I5 9600k 3.7ghz, 4.6ghz turbo Gtx 1070 8gb 16gb ram 1tb ssd 1tb hdd
It's Installed on my ssd and I've seen some people say not to use an fps counter while playing if you like your games at 60fps. If I can't get it steady enough I was thinking of getting a refund until I get a beefier pc! Any help is appreciated!
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2022.01.29 08:08 Square-Association-9 Just started as Blackpool in the championship any advice

I have recently played my first full save of FM as Liverpool and after winning 4 years in a row there I want to try a harder challenge. I have very limited funds so can’t sign any players for money is there any tips or advice you could give me for managing at this level. Like what to look for in signing players and how to build a good championship team?
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2022.01.29 08:08 samoyedfreak Concept art for Indonesia’s new capital city. Nusantara.

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2022.01.29 08:08 meiguoren224 Job descriptions be like…

JR Marketing Assistant (entry level)

Our office has slides, bright colours, a rocket and plenty of Chicken McNuggets for everyone.
To apply, simply create a website and have it rank #1 on Google, then have your reason for applying published by Forbes. Once this is complete, you will only need to run through a simple 12 step interview process that takes place in a hunger-games style battle to the death.
Sound like the perfect fit for you? Great. Get to work!!!
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2022.01.29 08:08 clanon UK returns to new normal as search continues for Covid origin

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2022.01.29 08:08 SweetConsequence1 I don’t believe in god but I think there is something.

I believe there is some sort of supernatural force out there that doesn’t have as much power as a God. I think it does it’s best to help people but sometimes fails. Thats also why I believe it requires the help of us. We need to work hard and try our best to be good people and the force will be able to nudge things in our favor as long as we stay true to ourselves and don’t give up.
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2022.01.29 08:08 rypemonkey Hacker problems

Am I the only person that gets put in matches with cheaters and I try to go into there profile after the game to block them I can't see the match history that they are in
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2022.01.29 08:08 Icy_Temperature_8436 roughly the Size of a basketball ,and heavy .what is it ?

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2022.01.29 08:08 mattyeightonetoo Cake day spin chicken…

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2022.01.29 08:08 S_Specter Indian Mosques that were built over Hindu Temples (the list is not exhaustive, we had more mandirs)

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2022.01.29 08:08 catithebathtub discount constructor

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2022.01.29 08:08 Miriel18 Time-series econometric models in real-life cases

Hi everyone,
I am just curious how do you use time-series econometric models, let's say ARIMA, exponential smoothing, or TBATS, in real life? Have you ever achieved a successful model? What is the case?
I am asking mainly because of three reasons:
1- The feature engineering aspect is somehow missing relative to machine learning.
2- The model structure might be very simple, especially in the case of the univariate time-series model.
3- Except for several cases, I always ended up with a very high confidence interval.
Also, I would love to learn if you have any experience regarding how performance of time-series econometric models are compared to xgbTree (or different ML algorithm) with time-series features?
Thank you very much.
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2022.01.29 08:08 Rainbow_ninetails Pls search ... grass

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2022.01.29 08:08 king_of_hate2 I relate to Dexter so much I sometimes feel I'm watching a fictional version of myself

To make it clear, I mean specifically personality wise not in what he does. I relate to how he isolates himself from others, how he feels emotionally flat, feeling disconnected from everyone, loneliness, putting on a mask, wanting to control everything in your life, always being in your head & thinking, etc. I recently got my sister into watching the show, and like Dexter is with Deb, I'm very close to my sister, except my sister isn't in love with me like Deb is with Dexter.i recently for my sister watching the show, in a way I almost feel like she's seeing myself in Dexter as well, almost as if she's also watching myself. It's tough to explain. The character has come to mean so much to me and what made me watch the whole show in the first place was the Dexter New Blood trailer that plays the song "Passenger" with and Dexter's narration in the trailer is what stood out to me. That's what made me realize the show is more than just about some guy who kills killers but I think also a part of him that I think many can relate to, the feeling of being like a passenger in life, going through the motions and trying to be accepted or meet some expectations or to seem as normal as possible.
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2022.01.29 08:08 HereForLols-N-Nudes Best skull at the very last bit of the last mission, no level select :/

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2022.01.29 08:08 SnooPuppers5230 This sub has been disappointing

3 days I got interested in MBTI. I have spent last 2 days researching it and can say with confidence that I am an intj.

Here are my following complains with the sub :-

  1. You people take this shit very seriously. I can say that MBTI is pretty useful and is accurate to certain degree but you people are treating it as if it's the golden truth and every infj is the same. I have found out INFJ describes me pretty well and some stuff that may apply to infj will apply to me as most of the people who describe having infj personality have many common experiences as to mine.
  2. I expected this sub to helping community where fellow infjs can deal with their downfall. But you seem to embrace you emotional immaturity. Haha so cool, Emotions are a waste of time and I am gonna utilize my energy into something important. You know what I though that all throughout my teenage years and I have nothing now but regrets.I kinda acknowledge that this sub is also a helping center for infjs but the percentage of these idiots is just too much on this sub.

This all aside, does anybody has some advice. It feels like deep inside my core, I am terrified of opening up to people and I hate being vulnerable. If there is in anyway that me opening up to a person can be used to advantage of me in the future, I will not . But the problem is It's too fucking easy to imagine scenarios where I will be taken advantage. I don't even want to be in a relationship because I afraid of someone taking advantage of me and cheat on me, that's why I am afraid to start any relationship at all. Does anybody have any advice on how to open up be vulnerable, I am afraid if I try to open up to other people without any preparation, I may freak them out or worse be taken advantage of. I don't wanna be hurt because if someone hurts me, I kinda take it too deeply.
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2022.01.29 08:08 NexusShiker Sealed Products

Is it worth to save up a sealed box? Like people are doing to older sets? My friend and I open booster boxes, and my friend is a huge fan of Ruxin's. We tend to see that a lot of people save a sealed box or two, for collection purposes or even to sell them in the future. Soooo is it worth it?
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2022.01.29 08:07 urmomgreen69420 Happy holiday guys

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2022.01.29 08:07 BisexualNymph As a bi male with long hair, I'm really attracted to other boys who have long hair and boys who paint their nails

Anyone else?
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