Is there any Center or Forward in the league producing less than Kirby Dach? Currently at 14 points for the season.

2022.01.29 07:35 TheDickieDunn Is there any Center or Forward in the league producing less than Kirby Dach? Currently at 14 points for the season.

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2022.01.29 07:35 www366 Poolside.

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2022.01.29 07:35 nielshp14 OOOOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!

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2022.01.29 07:35 invasionfromkat Questions to those who are more familiar with the case....

So before I get skewered for being a dummy, I want to just preface with this:
I was obsessed with this case as a teen because it was ALL over the news. I'm not from Colorado, and websleuths was not really a thing at the time, however I eventually got really into the details again in my twenties, and then recently. Namely, I tend to read about it, consume the information, and hold back feedback because I've never gotten TOO into looking at ALL of the evidence. Then after the Burke interviews, new geneological stuff, and random pops in the media, I decided to get back in and do a quick deep dive and noticed SO many things I hadn't heard before back when the case began. It seems that so many things were either overlooked, missed, or ruled out and then every few years some genius pops up with "But what about THIS?!?!?" and then we re-discover this was debunked too.

So with that said, I completely realize that What I'm about to ask could have already been answered and maybe I just didn't see it. BUT, I have to ask anyway out of curiosity because so many of you in here seem to be very invested in the case and may be able to answeaddress my questions.

First....I was watching all the videos I could find, even some that seemed sensationalized...and I found this doctor Oz interview where he breaks down the structure of the house, talks to a detectives daughter, and talks her JB's oldest half brother. Here's a link:

They show the breakdown of the house and explain how the parents couldn't have heard the scream but the neighbor did, because of a piping in a ventalation, and what's more interesting to me, is that the rooms in the basement had been Soundproofed years before during the building process, but that the Ramsays DID have a three story expansion on the house, which I believe sounded like he was saying (the older brother) that the house was bought something like 5-6 years before, then they had the expansion done. Then they show the extremely complex layout of the house (imo) and the suitcase with blankets in it, indicating the person tried to take her, failed, and then killed her in the basement.
Then they show the hi-tec shoe print by the body.
What immediately struck me, is that I know Hi-tec is a brand of hiking shoe, but also my dad and various friends who work in painting/construction frequently wore that brand, and continue to wear the Hi-Tec brand of shoes.
The older brother also explains that weeks before it looked like someone tried to get into the house thru the back door because of markings on it.
Simultaneously, because of the gate outside of the window and the metal on metal bang, as well as the non-existence of snow, would mean getting out of the window with no footprints wouldn't be an issue.
So Here's what I'm wondering...
Whoever did this would have to know something about Johns income and we know this.
Whoever did this wore a shoe commonly used by hikers/campers/construction/blue collar workers.
Whoever did this probably knew the layout of the house.
Whoever did this owned the tools needed to potentially enter the it a key, a crowbar, whatever method, they knew how to get in, but were slightly messy getting out.
Whoever did this was likely in the home BEFORE the family had people walking in and out, so other than the father who found her, and anyone entering the basement where her body was, the basement would be the only place with isolated evidence that would pretty much require a simple ruling out of the father.
A Garrot would surely have evidence/skin cells on it from the killer, unless they were wearing gloves. They also likely would have bled from broken glass, unless they were covered and somehow managed to not get cut. Red Fibers found were constantly being blamed on a possible Santa (The McReynolds family) which is a whole weird shit-show on it's own.

Here's my question(s) FINALLY lol (so sorry):
a) Did ANYONE who worked construction on the home years prior get tested/ruled out? They would have certainly known the layout, including the basement, because of piping/building issues that would def require electricity to be shut off for said construction. Did they check out any workers who worked on the home?
b) Was there ever a point when John Ramsey or Patsy were home, doing work/discussing business on the phone, even just a meeting, while construction was going on?
c) Did John ever notice any electronics missing from his home before the crime? Did anyone steal an old laptop (which did exist back then) from his car, anything that would have his personal business dealings on it?
d) Did anyone go thru the photos/video from around the time of the crime, and look for people wearing those boots, hi-tec brand, and simultaneously, did they ever find the exact size of the boot?
e) Did McReynolds son' wear these type of hiking boots? Or Mcreynolds himself?
f) Did anyone booked into/out of jail at the time have their itemized booking release data made public? Was that a common practice? I know that in Florida, they list the number of items you leave jail with/enter with. In texas, the list has the exact items on it, but is not publicly accessible. In Indiana, the list of items you enteleave with is typically VERY detailed, public, and practically shouted from the mountaintops. I ask, because if someone were booked into jail for ANY crime after or right before, could have those boots listed in their booking. Is that possible to be looked into? Has it already been?
g) Last, based on the crimes and horrific things done to JB, it makes me think this person escalated to this, or had done it before. Because the likelihood (based on the note) is that the person is local, was there anyone around the ramsays that was convicted of a crime be it violent, or otherwise (stalking, etc), after her body was found? Be it, years later, or otherwise?

Again, if these have already been answered, I apologize for wasting time. I just can't get a sure answer on most of this and wanted to see if anyone could shed light on them. Thanks for your time, if you read this long, you're a champ.
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2022.01.29 07:35 AutoNewspaperAdmin [Op-Ed] - Inflation and the power of narrative | Pgh Post-Gazette

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2022.01.29 07:35 LordDanqo happy meerkat

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2022.01.29 07:35 sctltrish Delivery questions! Help!

So, we started delivery yesterday and the first order was a hot mess to say the least! Can someone please help me out with some answers!?

  1. How long does a driver have to pick up an order? If it's due at 12 do they have til 1?
  2. How long do I wait to call another driver?
  3. Are drivers allowed to work for other companies and have more than 1 companies orders in their car at once? Ex. Point pick up and Instacart.
  4. Whyyyyyyy!?
Thanks in advance everyone. Please help me understand a little better 🙄
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2022.01.29 07:35 Tethered-Aung Interesting and fun decks?

I’m a pretty new yugioh TCG player and I kinda wanna try a deck with an interesting and fun mechanic. I’ve tried out prank kids and they are pretty fun, but I have 8k crystals saved and want to try something new 😂
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2022.01.29 07:35 Temporary_Love_8701 Drop#1 30 Available!

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2022.01.29 07:35 barkatthemoon777 I'm glad my cat is getting care but the bills rising and the vets taking the absolute piss.

So my 6 month old kitten was rushed in out of hours last week as he was lethargic, cold and had a heartbeat which was ridiculously fast. Thankfully he was treated that night, and while kept in the bill was OK and affordable for us.
In the morning the overnight vet called and told us he'd be coming home that night as he'd recovered on fluids and the tests were okay. We just had to wait for the day vet to call and arrange pick up.
Hours later she did, and told us she wanted to take more bloods just to be 100% sure (the first had some enzymes which were off) and would say another night. This added another 150 to the bill.
Anyway those were okay, but she wanted to check again yesterday as well, this put the bill in to another 150 and put us over the budget we have. We were told we would 100% be able to collect him today.
Qell she's just called again and said more bloods need to be taken as they're still not sure what caused it despite him being absolutely fine. Another 150 for the bloods and overnight stay.
The bill is now 1270. I have £800, our original quote was £470. They will ot release my kitten till this is paid, and respectfully I think they are deliberately doing this now to charge more then required.
Of course on top of that 1270 I will need medication and aftercare.
It's utterly ridiculous in my opinion. He's been OK since day one by their own admission. Multiple blood tests have now been okay.
He's fine! Stop keeping him there to charge me!
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2022.01.29 07:35 HeadHeron1169 Asrock Z590-C/ac Bios Version

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2022.01.29 07:35 Realistic_Version_36 Come join me on PunkPanda! Free alternative Encrypted and safe Messenger to Telegram that gives you something back! Earn coins with sharing, staking and using this Massenger! There is nothing other like this! Invitation code: 232469

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2022.01.29 07:35 miserablepulcinella any fics with ofa izuku and all might dying before his 1st day working as a teacher?

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2022.01.29 07:35 Saltyfish1010 Trading jaguar SP (base)

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2022.01.29 07:35 thatnaughtynerd Last few hours for 1 ETH GIVEAWAY

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2022.01.29 07:35 edarkvine Enchanted forest

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2022.01.29 07:35 Siberiayuki I just got Orte, is she worth developing? Is she strong?

I know nothing about her. Any opinions?
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2022.01.29 07:35 yesbabyyy January 29: The criminals that took GME down 371 points (77%) with only 8 million shares should rot in jail

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2022.01.29 07:35 Hairy-Astronaut113 my gecko keeps pooping on his hammock

not going to post a pic because.. it's just normal poop. but it think it's so weird because he only pooped in one corner of his tank, until just recently. now he'll poop in the corner, and under his hide, and i guess on the hammock now! he just doesn't care anymore lol.
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2022.01.29 07:35 Ghost_M_ LOOKING FOR BAT DRAGON

Dm or comment if u got bat drag
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2022.01.29 07:35 SamOfEclia Unlike what I mentioned as the 4 or 5 years of solitude without much friends, I've actually known several people in my life that were my friends, I just barely remember them from having not seen them in years or they not being the same as me in some ways that just went other ways in life.

I rarely talk still to some on occasion but sometimes I still message them from where I am, at different times but idk how to explain this stuff to them that much, because idk what they do or don't know about what I do here technically but thats also why I show them but alot of them already knew parts that were older in it then anything else cause most of these pwople were from highschool and elementary.
But just as people I knew and still sometimes talk to, but many of them don't live around me as much anymore but thats fine because I can still talk to them and sometimes I do. I made other peoples contact in sense of meeting them more recently and that let me get to know some new people after several years of not and I'll see where that takes me in sense of company cause its actually been a couple years and I don't know what that'll do.
Cause I sortof hardly taked that hole time with my mouth, but I can still I just have to get back into it.
So I have since then but that was nice, cause I can actually still talk but whatever I also said gibberish cause I was bored, cause they were sortof too but also not at other times thst made sense to me.
Cause they did actually talk to me normally too.
About a few things, in various ways.
But idk, it wasn't that much but not that much either.
Cause I actually did get along with them too.
But idk I have a bad memory of stuff sometimes, cause what I remember makes sense but I'm not gonna talk about what I did with them cause thats just their business, but I'll say that much.
Cause sometimes it seems on here that I seem all alone just kindof going on and on for years cause I did do that but I also sortof did other stuff sometimes and still do but I usually just do my project and also spend time hanging out with some people sometimes on occasion.
I just didn't for several years technically.
But also not the same people, I still talk to them, but I've been busy.
I wish they'd talk to me more often but its been years so Idk what they're doing in regards to the old ones because their all over the place elsewhere in canada, so they are doing other stuff.
But thats okay, cause so am I.
But thats all I'm gonna say about what I did outside of this thing, that was my normal life that everyone sortof knows about more familiarly.
Because I did do that too.
I just wasn't really the same there as here cause that was more actually me then what I was here.
As just what I said as my thoughts on stuff especially, while myself was who he actually was.
That you cannot actually know in person unless you met me, but only if I got to know you unless you some how found me, but don't expect me to not be what I'll respond if you ever meet me, but I'll probably say almost nothing, unless you talk to me and bring up something that interests me.
Which I'll just have a conversation with you about whether its this or some other thing I think about.
But I'm not more or less then what I say on here.
But I am actually 6ft tall, a little taller, but I forget and I don't actually really care what happens in sense of what I do in regards to what I like and unless you piss me off somehow or bother me in a way that makes me angry you can say hi to me if you know who I am, but don't just expect much more then that.
Cause idk who you are unless I'd rather other people just talk to me on here if you do that.
Cause honestly idk if you can tell but thats definitely not a good idea right now.
Cause theirs some crazy people out there that are nuts and trying to do a bunch of shit with vaccines and I'm probably not the safest one to be around technically.
So just kindof be careful just cause I'd rather you didn't just get fooled by whatevers trying to fool you, because I'm not just gonna show up cause of anything and I'd rather you never frealed out like a bunch of crazed fans cause thats not what I like.
Because I don't actually like that that much at all, cause it sortof makes me fear my mind and what others expect of me at all, because some sortof idolatry where your not even supposed to do that to gods, Gods let alone should you do that to people either, cause thats just as bad for their actions as doing anything to another person thats like harming them in a way thats not remotely appropriate to them and what they've either harmed their own survival or someone elses while doing anything they want, that some people don't actually ever do either and just do what is neither of those things at once and they can stop if they actually recognize it.
But they don't all do so you should be careful.
Cause they're not all safe, and some should be careful.
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2022.01.29 07:35 timmychook Do you think the pandemic was a set up for a New World Order,if yes why?(serious)

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2022.01.29 07:35 POCKALEELEE Can someone please colorize this pic in comments? $10 PayPal to the best one. Thanks

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2022.01.29 07:35 Bladewolf79 It's been over 18 hours...

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2022.01.29 07:35 Giogiu3900 He chomnk

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