Anyone at KP tonight? (M)

2022.01.29 06:56 throwawayawayaway62 Anyone at KP tonight? (M)

Boyfie wants to watch some of the action, and I am happy to play. I know a couple of couples coming, anyone else?
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2022.01.29 06:56 Gramfers I mean it’s true

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2022.01.29 06:56 skatehome So, is tiger thiggg whiskey done?

I find it so damn hilarious that Braindead went all in on creating his own whiskey business. Spent years designing the label, months hyping it up, claiming that it was gonna be available in multiple stores, in multiple states, nation wide and then, a month before the release, he learns about distribution LMAO the most Schaub move ever. Truly redacted.
And since then, we havent heard a peep about tiger thiggg from the thiggg boy himself. All we see is him drinking it on his failing podcast HAHA
Also, with that 80 dollar price tag for a cheaply blended whiskey from a guy with more haydurs than fans ain't cutting it. I'd love to see the warehouse full of tiger piss sitting, collecting dust while bapa and shrimp figure out how to use a calculator while running logistics. Brendan Schaubs life is like the funniest sitcom of all time. I guess bapa is a comedian.
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2022.01.29 06:56 Millaka91 Anybody used this for their betta tank? I’m wondering if the current is too strong? I’ve turned it down to minimum, and I’m thinking of tying a sponge over the exhaust.

Anybody used this for their betta tank? I’m wondering if the current is too strong? I’ve turned it down to minimum, and I’m thinking of tying a sponge over the exhaust. submitted by Millaka91 to bettafish [link] [comments]

2022.01.29 06:56 MariaAngelaBella Eva Damage Test (Another Eden Global)

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2022.01.29 06:56 dh0ulmagus Curious about using a mouse and controller simultaneously

Stuck on Night 8 of FNaF4, and have a feeling using a mouse could help me win as I feel slightly delayed on the controller. Could I play with a mouse with no issues?
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2022.01.29 06:56 Arvoz Where can I get the Hettinger Outfit?

Where can I get the Hettinger Outfit in story mode? Is there a certain level/honour i need to be?
Thanks in advance :)
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2022.01.29 06:56 Avatar_Jedi Repost
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2022.01.29 06:56 widmerpool_nz [POEM] From The Roses of Picardie, by Simon Raven

Rose girl, bearing your posies,
What are you coming to sell?
Is it yourself or your roses,
Or yourself and your roses as well?
The book has gone back to the library and I can't remember the context. I do like the repetition
Raven is best known for Alms For Oblivion but he does like to slip a poem into his other novels now and then and he does so in this stand-alone novel. I like the repetition.
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2022.01.29 06:56 rebutv 你對廣義上的衝浪TV社群(含紅迪各分支sub、tg浪人新聞等)有多依賴?

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2022.01.29 06:56 Outrageous_Train1980 Can you make this song ^•^

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2022.01.29 06:56 LINKINPARKFAINT I cant to sit ups properly without someone holding my feet?

I cant to sit ups properly without someone holding my feet? I dont know why I use to be able but in the last year getting back into fitness i cant seem to do it and its really annoying as i dont have anyone to hold my feet
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2022.01.29 06:56 TheBoos456 Cat making plunger noise

I don’t know how to describe it but my cat was just on the floor while I was eating and it started making plunger noises like it was unclogging a toilet in it’s throat of something and then it spit up white foam onto the ground. I looked up the white foam and it said it’s stomach might be inflamed but that doesn’t explain the plunger noises. Any insight?
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2022.01.29 06:56 chaosgiantmemes "So this idea came from a Janitor we had hired previously and..."

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2022.01.29 06:56 gaeb611 Should Strikers have romance?

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2022.01.29 06:56 IntroductionRich8522 what's your thoughts on this?🤔

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2022.01.29 06:56 000000909 Treant spammers are always the coolest people I play with or against, why is that the case?

Are there any treant players here?
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2022.01.29 06:56 joshygill Cake day. 5 years. 5 years cake day.

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2022.01.29 06:56 TolisKoutro How to get S on Gangplank.

Hello GP mains!
I started playing Gangplank a while ago and now I have level 5 mastery on him. But I struggle to get an S really hard.
Can you please give me some tips on how to do it efficiently?
Thank you in advance!
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2022.01.29 06:56 Hour-Wrap8343 Different mental illnesses on MDMA

So today's I tried MDMA for the first time.I was so close to closing my eyes and falling asleep,but I didn't.I was very hyper aware and talked very quietly.That's unusual for me cuz I'm naturally berry loud and clumsy person.My head cleared,and I could focus on one though (also unusual for me)and I felt calm FOR THE FIRST TIME in my entire life.I didn't laugh or fall or did any dump shit in general.Also I started cleaning my friends apartment for some reason 😂And currently the after feels like nothing,it feel like what I've felt up until I took the pill.I tried green punishers with around 200 smth grams of MDMA.I acted drastically different than the people around and I'm starting to wonder if it because of an illness.I haven't been diagnosed with anything till now, I've had two sessions with my first ever psychologist.Idk if that info will be neaded.Can someone please tell me why I acted the way I acted?
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2022.01.29 06:56 Leoopro We're both animals that just eats!!!

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2022.01.29 06:56 BusinessList4 International Theme Song of Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics

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2022.01.29 06:56 Vaguerz Good Morning\Evening ! I need suggestions for the best map apps, coordination or all in one, I'm a noob, and i don't like google maps, is it good though? Thank you all 💗

Suggestions for map apps please
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2022.01.29 06:56 sometimesisleeptoo Fresh & Clean

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2022.01.29 06:56 Comfortablejack It is really true

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